Consumer Pressure To Save Our Forests

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It is often tempting to refrain from highlighting environmental issues in a world where people are continually cynical about the value of environmental activism. When you stand to be mocked by people for caring about something, it can be very difficult to keep the battle going. This is why it is important that those with the courage of their convictions are ready to speak up on behalf of everyone who cares – especially when the opposing forces are often very powerful and have things all their own way.

The most telling way to protest against an organization that contributes to deforestation is to hit them where it hurts – in their pocket. When an organization thinks it can do what it likes, when it likes, it will go ahead and do the thing that costs them less money and makes them more. So the sensible way to take them on is to boycott them and let them know why. Faced with consumer pressure, a company will often back down and look to do the thing that will preserve their good reputation.

It is true to say that it often costs more to do things the green way – this is an unavoidable fact of life. But as time goes on and the environmentally friendly way of doing things becomes the norm, it will become easier and cheaper for companies to be green, and to pass savings on to their customers. When faced with the realization that plundering natural resources is unsustainable, it is important to look at sustainable ways of doing things, even if that means a short-term financial cost.