The Rainforest – A Celebrity Cause?

Landscaping Ideas

We as humans are very cynical people. We look at people doing something for the good of the planet, or of other people, and we question their motives. When it is someone in everyday life, we wonder what is in it for them. When it is a celebrity, we assume that they are doing it for the profile, for the good publicity and the points that they can score. This is a heartbreakingly cynical way to behave.

There is no doubt that a lot of people in the public eye do things for charity, or for the environment, because they feel it will give them a better profile and aid their publicity drives for their next film, their new album, or a book they are looking to sell. Nonetheless, the fact remains that the good work still gets done, and there are many people who actually do it because they think it is important. The publicity concern is only a problem when it begins to blur the boundaries between doing good work and saying that you are doing good work.

If a celebrity pays lip service to the work they are doing without actually doing anything, it makes people a lot more cynical about their motives and about the cause that they claim to be supporting. In that light, it is worth holding people to account over their claims to be working to save the rainforest. Watch what they do and what they say, and if they are genuine it is only fair to applaud them for what they are doing.