What Is Sustainability?

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The environment benefits from people’s actions to protect it, and the more we all do the longer our planet can continue to thrive. One of the most important things we can all do is live a more sustainable lifestyle. But what is sustainability?

Our planet has suffered in recent years from the plundering of its natural resources, most usually for manufacturing. One obvious example is the cutting down of trees to make paper. The fact is that it takes decades for trees to grow to the point where they are worth cutting down for paper, and very little time at all for that paper to be used – a book is read, a magazine is thrown away, some food is packaged, and then it is dumped. Meanwhile, the trees that have been planted to replace the ones cut down are barely even beginning to grow.

If we continue to use resources so fast and so carelessly, it is inevitable that we will run out of the natural resources – and this is the issue behind sustainability. It is much better for the planet that we decide to use recycled paper where possible. If we fail to take account of the issue of sustainability, we will find ourselves in a position where we have no more resources and no way of making more. Whether it is by planting trees, cutting down on our use of paper or by using recycled paper, we need to do more to ensure a sustainable lifestyle.